The Dark Awakening – Chapter 15 (Just One Dance)

Caleb, acting like a gentleman, escorted me across the dining area and to the room behind us. As we entered through the double doors, I heard beautiful violin music playing over the speakers surrounding the room.

“You used to be a fantastic dancer.” He took a bow while gesturing toward me.

“Yeah, but in this life, I have zero rhythm,” I joked.

“You used to dance with me all the time.” He tenderly grabbed my hand and pulled me in closer to him and I tensed. As charming as he was right now, I knew what he was doing and I didn’t have time for it.

“I need answers, Caleb. You’re stalling.”

“I’m going to tell you everything, Mercy, but I miss this. One dance.” He closed the space between us, nuzzling his cheek next to mine. “Just one dance.”

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