I’m not writing today . . .

I’m going to get real with you all right now. Writing a novel while trying to balance kids stuck in their home environment all day, while still trying to work and do my own hobbies . . . is tough. Like, really, really tough.

I made a goal to finish two books this year, and I will be lucky if I finish one. Not that I don’t have any time to write, because once the kids go down by 8 pm, I do. But, I don’t have the mind energy to do it.

Yes, writing for me is a passion, but when exhaustion takes over, all I want to do is stare at a wall. Well, maybe a hot bath and reading a book.

Meditation seems to be my saving grace these days. It does help me focus enough to get some writing ideas flowing, but it also helps me to take myself out of the craziness of the world, and be somewhere else.

Instead of writing 2500 words a day, I’ll stick with 1500 for now.

My kids are my priority. Helping my 6 year old get through the rest of his 1st grade year, is my priority, but I won’t lose myself. I am still a writer, a bookworm, a wife, a friend, a sister, and a daughter. I can pretend I’m Mrs. Lundblade, homeschooling, Wonderwoman mom, but let’s get real; I’m not a teacher.

I’ll do my best because my kids are my everything. So, if I have to take longer to finish my novel, I will, as long as my children are learning, growing and I am doing MY part to help them achieve that.

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