The Witch Trials – Teaser

So excited to be releasing the second edition to The Dark Awakening! It will be released next week. I’ll be sending out an announcement once it’s live.

The added prologue is written in 3rd person, from Dorian’s perspective, which is different than the rest of the story—1st person, Mercy’s POV.

Here’s a little teaser for you.


Salem, Massachusetts


The bells announced the beginning of another trial, somewhat disguising the loud wails and screams that came from the main square. Towers of smoke rose high over the small houses telling Dorian it was time. The acrid smell of burning wood filled the air as he hurried to the stables. He stuck to the shadows, keeping the Chosen Ones’ ritual circle within sight, but not close enough that they could spot him. He couldn’t allow them to find out he was there, after all, he wasn’t exactly the coven’s favorite person—well, except for Mercy.

Dorian’s eyes narrowed as he tilted his head to watch Roland approaching him from the shadows.

“Careful, Dorian, if they see you—” Roland warned.

“They won’t.” Dorian turned to the forest, glancing at the ghostly haze creeping through the trees. 

“We don’t have much time,” Roland whispered, handing him a dagger. Dorian’s eyes grew wide as he caught a glimpse of the handle. 

“Is that—?”

Roland nodded, pressing the handle into his palm. “If she goes through the ritual, you need to take care of it. Do you understand?”

Dorian paled at the dagger in his hand. He didn’t take his eyes off the dangerous blade as he shook his head. “I can’t do that. I won’t.”

Roland rolled his eyes and curled Dorian’s hand around the handle. “For a vampire, I’m surprised how easy it is for you to feel.”

“Don’t you feel anything?” 

Roland winced at that comment. “It’s easier not to. You just have to shut it off.”

“Not with her,” he said. “I can’t shut it off with her.”

Their conversation was interrupted by a loud boom that echoed through the sky. The wind howled as the thunder crashed again. A storm was upon them.

Roland peered inside the barn and smiled back at the coven. The children he helped raise and taught were now young adults, ready to be sent off into the world. 

“Eight years of training, and it’s come down to this.” He looked at Dorian and placed a hand on his shoulder. “When all this is over, you can join the clan, you know?”

Dorian shook his head. “And feed on human blood for the rest of my life?”

Roland huffed. “Oh Dorian, so noble of you. If you think you are going to survive on animal blood, you are blind to your desires. They’re there; you just have to release them.”



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